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Career Tool Kit

When you join the team at DSS Consulting, Inc., you align yourself with one of the leading human asset management firms in the United States. We mobilize highly-skilled talent in a variety of professional industries. DSS presents you with the opportunity to capitalize on many optimal career possibilities.

Career Assessment

Are your good days outnumbered by your bad days?Yes No
Have you been excluded from the decision-making process? Yes No
Have you been thinking about making a change for more than 5 months? Yes No
Have you been waiting for a promotion? Yes No
Do you start watching the clock after 3:00 PM each day? Yes No
Are your daily responsibilities increasing, while your salary stays the same? Yes No
Does your company fail to compete in the marketplace? Yes No
Do you feel you're not receiving recognition for your efforts?Yes No
Have you lost respect for your boss? Yes No