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DSS Consulting, Inc., has developed Internet-based applications for deployment, intranets, and traditional client/server web-based systems. Combining our solid project management experience, technical expertise and deep knowledge of the latest industry trends, and a quality-driven delivery model, we offer progressive, end-to-end web solutions.

Software Development

Our software development process is supported by our client-driven development methodology. This source works in tandem with a project resource recruiting/sourcing methodology that maximizes People, Plans and Processes to reduce the time taken for application development. This gives you significant business benefits.

Our software development services comprise an array of programming activities…

  • Development of custom applications and solutions
  • Development of databases and software to support your business processes
  • Integration of third-party components/applications, reverse engineering

The DSS Software Development Approach

A development project involves taking a holistic approach to the entire systems development lifecycle. Everything is planned prior to the initiation of the project, from conducting a requirements analysis and systems assessment to implementation and user training