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DSS Consulting, Inc., has developed Internet-based applications for deployment, intranets, and traditional client/server web-based systems. Combining our solid project management experience, technical expertise and deep knowledge of the latest industry trends, and a quality-driven delivery model, we offer progressive, end-to-end web solutions.

Technology Consulting

The main objective of our DSS technology consulting services is to provide our customers with competent technology advice that provides an optimal approach to implement and deploy the required technology solution.

Our technology consulting comprises an array of services…

  • Business-case analysis
  • Business and technical requirements
  • Feasibility study, technology research, solution prototyping
  • Software project planning, management

The DSS technology consulting team consists of business architects, system analysts and project managers who review requirements and any documents our clients provide. Upon completion of this detailed review, our consulting team will finalize the business/technical requirements and develop a project plan for delivery.