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Today, the need for real-time, centralized data is more prevalent than ever. DSS Consulting, Inc., is committed to producing high-grade, professional applications with a focus on usability, efficiency and a positive end-user experience. Help your company, your customers, and your staff with custom software solutions from DSS.

Application Maintenance & Enhancement

Quality Maintenance Services.
DSS Application Maintenance services help you unlock the potential of your existing applications and extract the best from them.

Our solutions address key issues, such as

  1. reducing total cost ownership,
  2. dramatically cutting application downtimes,
  3. enhancing legacy systems,

…all without compromising productivity or business flow.

DSS offers diverse application intelligence, which ensures that proper maintenance through ability- and maintainability-analysis.

Enhanced Business Processes.
These services address application modernization to improve business processes that are otherwise tedious and laborious to monitor and manage. DSS services allow you to refurbish applications in order to enhance business growth and productivity.

Through DSS, you and other corporate clients can manage and upgrade legacy systems, multiple technology platforms, high-maintenance costs, unsupportive systems, and integration problems through our flexible and valuable application maintenance and enhancement deliverables.

We help clients enhance and maintain their legacy systems and enterprise applications with quick turn-around times and reduced costs and , in order to…

  1. Circumvent thefts/threats,
  2. Minimize disruptions,
  3. Mitigate risks.

DSS follows a metrics-driven approach to deliver solutions that are on-par with international standards. Our advantage in Application Maintenance and Enhancement services include…

    • Domain-intensive technology & GDM,
    • Flexible, reliable & enhanced applications,
    • Mitigation of risks, disruptions and threats,
    • Faster time-to-market periods,
    • Improved productivity at sustainable costs.