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Today, the need for real-time, centralized data is more prevalent than ever. DSS Consulting, Inc., is committed to producing high-grade, professional applications with a focus on usability, efficiency and a positive end-user experience. Help your company, your customers, and your staff with custom software solutions from DSS.

Application Migration

DSS Application Migration solutions are tailored to help your organization deal with outdated technologies. We address issues such as applications that span multiple databases, languages and different systems.

We offer migration solutions that allow seamless transition from one environment to another. We enable your organization to manage and structure IT architecture, minimizing IT investments and enhancing business performance.

Our solutions include database migration, language migration, and OS migration. We provide pre- and post-migration support and ensure that the migration process is a smooth transition from one platform to another without any undue performance lapse or process stagnation.

Combining our systems knowledge with our migration expertise, we utilize the “best-of-breed” technology to migrate mainframe applications to various distributed systems. As well, DSS adopts a solid and structured risk management model to minimize data loss and circumvent threats.

The highlights of our service include…

  • Database Migration
  • Language Migration
  • Operating System Migration
  • Code Restructuring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Risk Management
  • Pre- and Post-Migration Support
  • Reduced Turn-Around Times
  • Reduced Costs