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Today, the need for real-time, centralized data is more prevalent than ever. DSS Consulting, Inc., is committed to producing high-grade, professional applications with a focus on usability, efficiency and a positive end-user experience. Help your company, your customers, and your staff with custom software solutions from DSS.

Software Re-Engineering

Is your company saddled with applications that were developed years ago with older technologies and inflexible architectures? Software technology advances at a rapid pace with newer, more efficient technologies being introduced every day.

DSS provides solutions to re-engineer your applications in order to leverage newer technology platforms, frameworks and software products. We can help you transform your IT systems and applications to automate procedures and provide greater connectivity with customers, partners and suppliers.

We provide many re-engineering solutions, including…

  • Application re-engineering and enhancements
  • Migration of legacy systems to new technologies
  • Database migration and processing
  • Application integration

The DSS re-engineering procedure includes…

  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Identification of suitable technology and platforms
  • Enhancement of obsolete processes through new development
  • Migration of solutions to new platforms
  • Design, development and integration of new environments