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DSS Consulting, Inc., specializes in many high-tech staffing solutions. Identifying and understanding the aspects of each job, and then guiding candidates through the screening and pre-interview process, is an art best performed by recruitment pros with a human touch. Let the DSS artists create a career masterpiece for you.

Recruiting Strategies for Start-Up

Comprehensive Recruiting and Staffing Solutions

DSS consultants bring expert recruiting strategies to a wide variety of staffing challenges. Utilizing our industry expertise and vast corporate connections, we tap into our extensive candidate database to create and manage a customized recruiting program to fit your specific needs.

Contract Recruiting

DSS Consulting can provide you with contract or temporary employees to complete any task. These highly-trained professionals can work on an hourly basis, at your facility, to supplement your existing workforce.

Our team of experienced industry consultants will recruit, screen and manage these employees through the duration of their assignment at your organization. You gain immediate access to qualified, pre-screened talent that will have an instant impact on your company, while maintaining the flexibility to respond to fluctuating market conditions.

Contract-to-Direct Hire

A great, low-risk option for many staffing needs with no up-front fees, a “Contract-to-Direct Hire” method allows you to “preview” a candidate on a trial basis while he/she remains on the DSS Consulting payroll. If the candidate’s on-the-job performance meets your expectations, you can then decide to offer him or her a direct employment opportunity with your company.

Since DSS conversion fees for contract-to-direct hire are less than our direct hire fees (and decrease with the length of the contract employment period), you can save money, while evaluating qualified candidates for the job.

Direct Hire

Each day, small and large companies lose thousands of dollars as they underestimate the costs of employee recruitment and employee turnover—not to mention the time consumed in the process. Direct hire decisions are too important to be taken lightly in today’s competitive business environment.

As a strategic business partner, DSS Consulting, Inc., will allow your organization to operate at peak performance levels by delivering a responsive, cost-effective channel for the acquisition of direct hire talent.

Our team of highly-trained consultants goes beyond reviewing resume qualifications. They make it their job to understand the details of your business and the characteristics of the industry labor pool. We tap into our extensive DSS candidate research database to target exact talent qualifications. Then, we work with highly-skilled candidates to understand their unique skill sets, experiences and career goals, in order to ensure a precise match that will benefit both the candidate and our client companies for the long term.