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DSS Consulting, Inc., specializes in many high-tech staffing solutions. Identifying and understanding the aspects of each job, and then guiding candidates through the screening and pre-interview process, is an art best performed by recruitment pros with a human touch. Let the DSS artists create a career masterpiece for you.

DSS Support Options

Every job we support receives an end-to-end DSS recruitment solution. Each job supported includes...

  • a dedicated DSS consultant
  • a detailed recruitment plan specific to your job
  • documented screening and pre-interviews of each applicant
  • complete EEO data capture and applicant tracking
  • a web-based Hiring Manager Console that automates workflow

Financial support options for these services are as flexible as the services themselves...

  • A La Carte Plan - You can purchase support for a block of jobs, either as a pilot program or to supplement your existing recruiting capacity.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Plan - For smaller companies that have variable hiring needs, this plan provides you an on-demand recruitment function, including all staff and infrastructure, without fixed costs or minimum financial commitments.
  • Enterprise Plan - DSS will provide a multi-year service agreement to support all your hiring needs. A base level of support is set to meet the low watermark of your recruiting needs, with the perfect ability to scale as your company experiences cyclical or seasonal hiring fluctuations. This option includes on-site deployment, integration into HRMS, and performance-based service level agreements.