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DSS Consulting, Inc., specializes in many high-tech staffing solutions. Identifying and understanding the aspects of each job, and then guiding candidates through the screening and pre-interview process, is an art best performed by recruitment pros with a human touch. Let the DSS artists create a career masterpiece for you.

Candidate Sourcing & Name Generation

Most company personnel directors and hiring managers struggle as they spend an increasing amount of time recruiting and sorting through an endless sea of resumes and not enough time sourcing or building relationships with the most qualified candidates. Too often, common sourcing techniques result in a flood of resumes with too few candidates meeting the quality standards you demand.

That is why DSS Consulting will work with you to design a custom, research-based sourcing strategy that will…

  • Identify and attract leading “A-List” candidates to fill your positions, using our award-winning, metrics-driven staffing model and world-class recruiting methodologies;
  • Cultivate an environment that helps convert those highly-attractive, passive job candidates into active ones;
  • Build an effective communications network between you, DSS and top candidates to promote awareness, opportunities and feedback;
  • Help you put together a highly-effective employee referral program;
  • Develop a cost-effective sourcing solution for long-term or ongoing hiring requirements.