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DSS Consulting, Inc., specializes in many high-tech staffing solutions. Identifying and understanding the aspects of each job, and then guiding candidates through the screening and pre-interview process, is an art best performed by recruitment pros with a human touch. Let the DSS artists create a career masterpiece for you.

DSS offers consultants who specialize in information technology and in engineering staff augmentation strategies for an ever-changing marketplace.

Our IT team works to find you the most highly-experienced, technology-savvy candidates with a hunger and desire to excel. Whether your needs range from a programmer to an analyst, or an IT sales executive to a chief technology officer, DSS can help you identify candidates with unparalleled technical skills.

Our manufacturing and engineering team identifies, recruits and attracts candidates with various technical specialties and high levels of experience to meet your specific needs in a wide range of industries:

  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Consumer Products
  • Research & Development
  • Semiconductor
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Steel / Primary Metals
  • Plastics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Building Materials
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive

Our consultants can help you assess various critical processes of any IT or engineering project.

Needs Assessment

Often the most effective way to approach any new business initiative is to first assess the needs of your organization, not only in recruiting and staffing, but also in financial, management and communications areas of your business.

DSS wants to understand what makes your company work well. That is why we conduct a thorough needs assessment through extensive surveys, interviews and analyses in order to measure those against some of the most highly-rated, proven industry standards.

We also compare those with your own specific standards and your own highly-specialized needs to create enhancements and measures for continuous quality improvements in staff development.


Effective IT and Engineering projects must have reliable computer systems and software in order to operate effectively. DSS consultants help you identify and attract top technology experts in systems and software validation with extensive training in leading methodologies in many critical areas, including…

User Requirements Test Scripts Document Management Legacy Systems Network Infrastructure

With DSS, you can more easily attract and hire top tech talent to help you…

Understand Detailed Infrastructure Issues

  • Meet System Requirements
  • Focus on Critical Control Areas
  • Anticipate the Influence of Outside Forces
  • Adapt to Change More Easily
  • Conduct Accurate Infrastructure Audits
  • Analyze and Refine Resources
  • Improve Critical Aspects of your Specific System

Business Process Reengineering

A report from the Princeton University School of Finance echoes other leading business and academic leaders, who note that to improve any business process in an effective way and efficient way, top corporate executives must routinely conduct a strategic analysis of business processes and planning implementation of improved business processes in order to enhance the recruitment methods of the organization.

That is why DSS Consulting is committed to helping you conduct a comprehensive business process re-engineering analysis that is customer-centered and holistic in approach. Our consultants focus on standards development through the entire lifecycle of business process management, from process design, through deployment, execution, maintenance and optimization.


DSS telecom consultants focus on critical telecommunications staffing solutions, tailored to meet you specific needs. Our advanced, research-based recruiting program and world-class recruiting methodologies features a detailed screening process, which results in more experienced, highly-trained candidates to help fill technical and support positions in your firm.

DSS offers tech-savvy specialists in the telecommunications industry who have developed technologies and vital industry relationships to help identify, attract and hire the nation’s leading telecom talent. We establish and build long-term relationships by cultivating an environment where highly-skilled people are placed in positions to ensure that your plans and processes succeed.