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In today’s rapidly changing business climate, the organizations that respond quickly and efficiently thrive. In order to ensure that you succeed in this environment, you must rely on strong support personnel with important skill sets to effectively execute your company’s plans and processes. DSS Consulting, Inc., offers highly-skilled support staff and systems that can help you exceed your expectations and your goals.

Spam & Virus Filtering

SPAM and virus filtering from DSS gives you the ability to adjust the strength of protection. Along with customized white-listing and black-listing, DSS offers you full control. Our comprehensive tools allow you to keep a tight rein on SPAM, while allowing legitimate messages through your system and into your inbox.

Every month, hundreds of new or variant viruses are discovered. DSS filters and protections ensure that you have the best coverage available. Our managed solutions include…

  • World-class SPAM firewall filtereliminates false positives
  • Per-user email policyauthenticates using SPAMWALL
  • Anti-virus protectionscans more than 50,000 signatures
  • Transparent virus scanning for mail, web and ftp dataPOP3, SMTP, FTP
  • Virus definitionsupdated every two (2) hours
  • Automated Network Administrator (ANA)monitors and updates the Sentry Security Platform, 24 x 7
  • Artificial intelligencehelps provide business continuity
  • Automatic failover routing
  • Preconfigured firewallkeeps hackers out
  • VPN connectionsconnects branch offices and home offices securely
  • Content filtersmaintains control of Internet website access from your network