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In today’s business environment, you must utilize technology in powerful ways that allow you to do things faster, smarter and more efficiently than your competition. It is not just your products and services that set you apart. It is also your ability to innovate in ways that reflect your company’s vision. DSS can help you refine your vision with sophisticated systems and solutions that fuel your mission for the future.

Business Process Audits

In a business world that has become ever more dependent on technology, you have an ongoing need to regularly review the fit between business processes and information systems to promote clear communications and efficient operations.

DSS has developed a methodology for conducting these reviews in a timely manner. We use a team of experienced consultants with backgrounds that combine business expertise and IT systems knowledge, along with precise technical resources.

This methodology provides a comprehensive audit of your system. The audit helps identify inefficiencies and gaps between expectation and performance. Most importantly, it helps to identify a critical path for data flow within your organization.