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In today’s business environment, you must utilize technology in powerful ways that allow you to do things faster, smarter and more efficiently than your competition. It is not just your products and services that set you apart. It is also your ability to innovate in ways that reflect your company’s vision. DSS can help you refine your vision with sophisticated systems and solutions that fuel your mission for the future.

Data Management & Business Intelligence (DMBI)

DSS designs and creates systems that help clients manage critical data assets and gain competitive advantage from this information. Our solutions provide the right information to the right decision makers at the right time. From planning, design, development, and implementation of complex data warehouse initiatives to the business analysis and project management that make certain those efforts remain on target, DSS has the expertise to ensure client success.

DSS employs the highest quality data professionals to help clients better understand, design, and deploy effective data-related infrastructure. Our professionals include: data architects, integration designers, data modelers, ETL developers and testers, BI specialists, and database administrators. Our experience includes analyzing database performance and enhancing migration strategies. DSS provides data warehouse and data mart analysis to identify process, organizational, and technology improvements. Helping our clients establish a world class data strategy is one of our primary goals.

As a benefit to our clients, DSS produces detailed technical recommendations by analyzing software packages and making recommendations based on cost, performance, security, and adherence to corporate standards. We advise clients on selecting database platforms, upgrading their technology, and platform migration. DSS assists clients in performing software evaluations and technology selection. Additionally, DSS can review a client's data quality strategy and identify existing data quality issues. Through data profiling and data cleansing strategies, DSS can assist our clients in improving the quality of their data.