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In today’s business environment, you must utilize technology in powerful ways that allow you to do things faster, smarter and more efficiently than your competition. It is not just your products and services that set you apart. It is also your ability to innovate in ways that reflect your company’s vision. DSS can help you refine your vision with sophisticated systems and solutions that fuel your mission for the future.

Information Systems Review

Information System Reviews are usually conducted for one of two purposes:

  1. to establish how well your current infrastructure is meeting your business needs.
  2. to assist in the development of future IT strategies.

Regardless of the purpose, DSS adopts a similar methodology that consists of at least some of these important elements:

  • Interviews with senior management and other key stakeholders within your company;
  • Interviews with end users throughout your business;
  • Interviews (where appropriate) with external business customers;
  • Establishment of industry “Best Practices” benchmarks and/or a GAP analysis against these standards
  • Analysis of industry trends
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure – LAN, WAN, OS, Database platforms, etc.
  • Development of an IS strategic plan
  • Hardware and software audits

A DSS systems review helps identify any real or potential issues, recommends practical and cost-effective solutions, and presents a strategic plan for the implementation of appropriate technologies